Artificial Intelligence Before Explosion – Here are Promising AI Projects

Artificial Intelligence Before Explosion! Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not the one that is borne by the overwhelming science fiction vision. In the near future, we will see almost every area of life in order to make our activities more effective and interactive. Universal Translator According to China’s search engine, Baidu’s top researcher, “Reliability of speech technology […]

Artificial Intelligence Before Explosion! Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not the one that is borne by the overwhelming science fiction vision. In the near future, we will see almost every area of life in order to make our activities more effective and interactive.

Artificial Intelligence Before Explosion – Here are Some Promising AI Projects – Courtesy By cio

Universal Translator

According to China’s search engine, Baidu’s top researcher, “Reliability of speech technology approaches the point we will only use and do not even think about.”

Universal Translator -  Intelvue
Universal Translator – Courtesy By

Andrew Ng says the best technology is often invisible, and speech recognition will disappear in the background as well. Baidu is currently working on more accurate speech recognition and more efficient sentence analysis, which expects sound technologies to be able to interact with multiple devices such as household appliances.

Google has worked dramatically with a radically newer version of Google, with errors down by 80 percent: the old method used 3.6 percent of the comparative tests, while the new 5 achieved (human average 5.1). Speech Recognition and Synthesis, combined with voice and other language technologies, will soon be able to spread the real-time translator that works with the headset, mobile phone, or chatbox.

Learning Machine

IT news reports from recent years of machine learning – and the most sophisticated drive, from deep learning – were loud.

Machine Learning
Machine Learning – Courtesy By Cubix

With this technology, the Google subsidiary, DeepMind AlphaGo, was able to defeat Lee Seedol South Korea’s gofenomain, which could destroy 60 Chinese gangs in January, and can be made in an ever-changing gaming medium that is closer to reality. The computing power and intuition capabilities of the technology will soon be able to culminate in decision-making models.

Creative Programs

As one of the sensations, we could send a picture to Google Dream and get it rewritten in the program’s psychedelic style. Machine creativity based on various recognition technologies is limited despite serious development; for a while, only a great deal of good work can be called authentic. His upcoming algorithms and software approach the creativity to the extent that they will model objects in 3D, in-depth, beyond their original recognition function.

Creative Programs
Creative Programs – Courtesy By groovypost

By using the Machine Learning Techniques of the Massachusetts University of Technology, computers have come to know the features of the 3D space and use the acquired knowledge to generate lifelike and physically authentic new objects. The 3D sensation is key to developing robots that are in touch with the physical world because AI is stagnant without knowing reality.

Self-Contained And Communicative Vehicles

The dissemination of self-propelled vehicles is shared, but they agree that machine learning is a key, and in the first place, to develop technology in the simplest of simulators.

Self-Contained And Communicative Vehicles
Self-Contained And Communicative Vehicles – Courtesy by pymnts

For example, Synthesis of the Independent University of Barcelona with nerve and deep learning, which focused on detecting pedestrians at first, is now improving the environmental management capabilities of vehicles (including the management of unexpected situations in a dynamically changing urban environment).

After the simulation, reality can come. The truth in which the self-driving car that communicates much more sophisticated than ours now becomes our third home to our home and workplace.


As a consequence of the processing technologies, we will soon find ourselves in a Specialist Sci-Fi world where AI-powered security solutions take care of us.

Safety First So You Last
Safety First So You Last – Courtesy By safety.lovetoknow

AnBot, which last year worked, was, for example, an intelligent security robot that identifies emergencies at China’s Menzan airport, with its cameras and face recognition systems, connected to the Tianhe-2 supercomputer and cloud services. AnBot, with its cloud computing capabilities, is capable of processing more than its own, and its supercomputing capabilities make it even better to learn.


As AI accumulates knowledge, it generates contact nets, formulates hypotheses, and uses it to improve human health. In BenevolentAI, London, the native language processing system, for example, searches for chemical libraries, medical databases, and scientific papers after potential drug molecules.

AI on Health
AI on Health – Courtesy By metacaresolutions

IBM and Pfizer collaborate with IBM’s legendary AI system, Watson, to accelerate immunoconjugate drug development, and Boston’s BERG Health, through its study of data, models a network of particular disease-specific proteins. The challenge for the near future is to achieve the level of molecular precision required to model the internal functioning of individual cells.

New Personal Assistants

In the near future, we can expect a breakthrough in the commercial applications dominated by the Internet of Things (IoT). This level of interconnection can lead to cloud robots, through which we can optimize robots for diverse tasks.

Personal Assistants
Personal Assistants – Courtesy by digitalmarkgroup

These robots work on their work, but they share the solution in the cloud, one of them teaching something to the other, working on it, and forwarding it. This increases the learning potential and the interconnectedness of the machines.

These trends can culminate in intelligent personal assistants that use MI to capture and interpret our data and to use the tools surrounding us to use IoT and the results of expanded reality for a mobile presence.

The Power Of Collective Intelligence

The groups of birds, ants, and fish act as a self-organizing system that develops from local interactions of closely related individuals. Their collective behavior cannot be deduced from the whole set of parts; it goes beyond it.

New-technologies-to-service-SSR-The-power-of-Collective-Intelligence – Courtesy By

The spread of intelligence can be enveloped, especially in the field of warfare and transport. In the summer of 2016, the US Navy was tested over the Pacific Ocean by a thirty straight drill line made of a one-meter machine.

In the near future, they will be able to act like a devil, with the least possible central control, to act in a coordinated manner. Thanks to this technology, the paradigm may also change: while in the past, the air force consisting of small and expensive warships was the norm, in the next few years, cheap and affordable drone weights could come.

The US Navy also develops inflatable boats that are patrolled as a separate group under the remote control of the human operator. When you see an unknown ship, the dragons decide which boat to approach the stranger and declare it innocent or harmful. Then he communicates with other members of the horn; maybe he wants to support.

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