WordPress Market Share 2020: The CMS is Dominating The Web

WordPress Market Share for 2020 is 60.8%. Half of the websites are using WordPress as a content management system CMS. This CMS is helping them to serve their products and services to their customers. Regardless of your business nature or size, what business you are involved in, it could be a small blog website, affiliate […]

WordPress Market Share 2020
WordPress Market Share 2020

WordPress Market Share for 2020 is 60.8%. Half of the websites are using WordPress as a content management system CMS. This CMS is helping them to serve their products and services to their customers. Regardless of your business nature or size, what business you are involved in, it could be a small blog website, affiliate marketing website; a giant corporate website, or large eCommerce store; WordPress is feeding them all with its amazing and robust features. That’s why WordPress has got success to capture the largest market share in 2020.

WordPress Journey From Blogging Tool to Complete CMS

So, WordPress started its journey in 2003 as a blogging tool. So, after gaining remarkable success, now WordPress has become a complete CMS widely used on the internet. From the real estate industry to the food industry, education to the eCommerce industry, WordPress is helping them to grow in every aspect of a business.

Concretely, how many sites and what types of sites are based on WordPress? I have looked at the data and here are my conclusions.

Every 3rd Website on the Web uses WordPress

As of this writing, WordPress is the platform adopted by an impressive 39.5% of the 10 million most viewed sites worldwide, according to data from w3techs.com. It is important to note that this includes all websites, whether or not they use a CMS! Its most serious competitor, Shopify, lags far behind with just 3.2% of sites reviewed.

Among the sites that use a CMS, WordPress has a more dominant market share: 64%. It includes WordPress.com, a hosting service that relies on a modified WordPress architecture.

CMS Statistics 2020

CMS statistics 2020 are mentioned in given below image:

CMS Statistics 2020 - WordPress Market Share 2020

What is the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com?

It’s easy to confuse the open-source platform WordPress.org and the hosting service WordPress.com. WordPress.com is one of the many hosting services available on the web that rely on or offer WordPress support.

WordPress.com offers a streamlined website builder that makes building sites easier, while WordPress.org  is a more customizable tool because you have access to the code. You can also use any WordPress plugin and go with the host of your choice. Be careful, though this implies a steeper learning curve. WordPress.com is owned by Automattic Inc., which also contributes to the WordPress open source project.

WordPress.com: a tool popular with large companies like bloggers

When it comes to pricing, WordPress.com offers many options ranging from a free plan with limited functionality to a Business and eCommerce plan, including the WordPress VIP service that offers a hosting solution for businesses. Some of its most famous clients include CNN, Spotify, People, TIME, Microsoft, and the Rolling Stones. In 2010, Microsoft stopped providing its Windows Live Spaces blogging platform to partner with WordPress.com.

WordPress.org: an increasingly popular solution

Over the past five years, WordPress has grown in popularity, dropping from the platform used by 23.3% to 39.5% of the 10 million most visited sites in the world,  leaving all of its competitors far behind. The flexibility offered to large companies to self-host a modified WordPress site or use WordPress.com’s business services positions it unquestionably as the leading CMS on the internet. And its growth continues!

(Jan 1)
The best year for each CMS is shown in bold.

This table shows how open-source competitors Joomla, Drupal, and Prestashop are losing market share compared to WordPress. In fact, WordPress is the only open-source system with a significant market share that continues to grow. Shopify and Wix are also evolving, but they are proprietary platforms.

Taking into account only websites that use a CMS, WordPress’ position appears even more dominant with a market share of 64% according to W3techs.

Wix.com vs WordPress [2021]: Who is the Big Winner?

It depends on which WordPress we are talking about. Wix.com is the primarily hosted website publisher available. According to builtwith.com, of the one million most visited sites, 0.91% were created with Wix.com. WordPress is the platform used by the impressive 39.5% of these sites. However, this is not an equivalent comparison, as these WordPress numbers include all self-hosted sites beyond WordPress.com.

Difficult to obtain exact market share figures. WordPress.com claims that “over 409 million people visit over 20 billion pages each month” on WordPress.com, but that doesn’t give very precise information. Wix claims 180 million websites created on its platform until September 2020.

So, If we use Ahrefs for comparison, we find that surprisingly people searched Wix 6.8 million times compared to 5.8 million for WordPress. However, you have to take into account that Wix is ​​a publicly-traded company. Much of the interest observed in Wix is ​​therefore likely to come from shareholders.

However, this may give us an idea of ​​the interest aroused by these two companies as well as an idea of ​​a comparison of their size.

WordPress Market Share 2020
WordPress Market Share 2020

Will WordPress remain the dominant CMS on the Internet?

Everything suggests that WordPress still has a bright future ahead of it. As an agile open-source solution offering robust support, it has been quick to correct its product flaws and security issues over the years, and no reason should change. The launch of WooCommerce  (which was acquired by Automattic in 2015) has helped WordPress stay competitive and relevant in the online business arena.

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Also, its affiliate hosting service, WordPress.com, is trailing Wix.com, which bodes well for thrilling competition in the years to come. Will WordPress.com finally dethrone Wix.com as the most popular web host? Only time will tell, but it’s a safe bet that the open-source architecture of WordPress is here to stay!