Top 10 Popular Programming Languages For [April 2021]

Wondering which programming language to learn this year, you have come to the right place. Hi, there is another great article to find the top 10 programming languages for 2021. We have compiled a list of Top 10 programming languages in 2021. 10. PHP Okay. Now let’s begin. If you thought, PHP was dying, think […]

Top 10 Programming Languages For 2020 - Learn these Programming Languages in 2020
Top 10 Programming Languages For 2021 – Learn these Programming Languages in 2021

Wondering which programming language to learn this year, you have come to the right place. Hi, there is another great article to find the top 10 programming languages for 2021. We have compiled a list of Top 10 programming languages in 2021.

10. PHP

Okay. Now let’s begin. If you thought, PHP was dying, think again. PHP is a server-side scripting language used to develop static or dynamic websites or web applications. More than 80% of all the world websites still use PHP major companies like Facebook, Salesforce, etc. uses PHP as a backend programming language.

PHP is a programming language introduced by a Canadian Developer during the era of the ’90s. Canadian Developer Rasmus Lerdorf has originally developed PHP as a set of Common Gateway Interface binaries written in C Language to develop dynamic Web Applications. Later, more functionalities were added to the PHP product, and it essentially resulted in a fully-fledged programming language.

PHP is an acronym for “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor”. It is a scripting language, which runs on a server and creates webpages written in HTML. Its simplicity and cheapness make it very popular among developers.

With the boom of JavaScript-based in the programming world, PHP is failing its demand and universality, and PHP is past its prime. Opposite to popular talk in the town, PHP will not disappear soon, despite the fact, its popularity will gradually diminish.

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Reasons to Choose PHP

  1. PHP is an open-source platform that means anyone can use it as they want.
  2. It is extensible.
  3. PHP supports a gigantic amount of databases.
  4. PHP endorses all prominent Operating Systems like Linux, MacOS, Windows, and UNIX.

9. Swift

On number 9, we have Swift for you as another programming language. If you’re obsessed with Apple and want to become an iOS developer, then this programming language is just for you.

Introduced by The Apple Company in 2014, Swift is an open-source, general-purpose programming language developed utilizing an approach to security, performance, and software design patterns. It was created as a substitute to Objective-C to write applications for iOS and Mac.

SWIFT is strongly inspired by Python and Ruby. It’s faster, more secure, and easy to read and debug than it’s predecessor: Objective C. Apple’s selection of SWIFT over Objective C as their core programming language has begun to a notable increase in its popularity.

And since Apple is going to continue with it, so, if you are looking for a development platform like IOS and learning SWIFT should be of utmost priority in 2021.

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Reasons to Choose Swift

  1. The softwares which are created by using Swift are small in size.
  2. Swift’s libraries are up-to-dated with modern inventive features to build better IOS applications.
  3. Improved Package Manager with updated compiler.

8. Kotlin

Java is considered as a king of Enterprise App Development. Recently, Java has faced a lot of criticism because it is tedious, requires lots of stereotype coding, liable to unexpected convolution.

However, there is little discussion regarding the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). JVM is a groundbreaking innovation of Software Engineering and gives a fierce runtime that has excelled the test of time. In a previous post, I have discussed in detail the advantages of JVM:

Over time, JVM languages like Scala attempted to explain the weaknesses of Java and wanted to be more useful Java but failed. Ultimately, in Kotlin, it seems like a hunt for an enhanced version of Java is over. 

Jet Brains has created this masterpiece which is known as Kotlin, which operates on JVM and answers the faults of Java and gave many groundbreaking options. As compared to Scala, Kotlin is much simpler and easy than Java and allows Go or Python-like developer productivity in JVM.

Google has announced Kotlin as a first-class programming language to create Android and boosted Kotlin’s acceptance in society. 

On number 8, we have Kotlin. For the Android loving developers, Kotlin is the programming language to learn in 2021. It is a programming language. JetBrains and is the next big thing in the Android world. Kotlin complies with JVM Bytecode or. Java script and uses all existing Java frameworks.

Reasons to Choose Kotlin

  1. Kotlin is very easy to read language.
  2. You will see Java Compatibility option in Kotlin platform.
  3. It is the solution to some of Java’s weak points.

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7. GoLang

On number 7, we have Go Lang. GoLang is a relatively new programming language created by giant Google itself. The three big proficiency it has are: ease of coding, efficient code compilation and efficient execution, making it more and more popular everyday Just like C and C++, Go comes as a compiled language, making it as high-performing like them.

Also, allocation of variables, garbage collection and object removal are very similar to Java making Go the ultimate language to work with on any hardware system.

Reasons to Choose GoLang

  1. Giant Google itself funds GoLang.
  2. It’s very easy to understand and everybody can learn it very easily.
  3. It has open source nature.
  4. Garbage collected Language.
  5. Its fast nature will make you mesmerized.

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6. R

On number 6, we have R. Data Science enthusiast? R is your jam. It has been gaining an extensive audience in recent years and the reason is obvious, the tremendous growth in the data industry.

R has shown an increase in its usage by a lot of data scientists, but then it hasn’t become as popular as Python, yet. R provides a broad range of statistical and graphical techniques and is remarkably extensible. Its open source nature has gotten more and more data scientists turning to it.

Reasons to Choose R

  1. R is an open-source platform.
  2. R Programming language is the most advanced statistics software because of its agile and persistent online support.
  3. Highly Compatible Programming Language in the town.
  4. It has great machine learning operations.

5. C#

On number 5, we have C#. C# is created by Microsoft and is used for developing desktop applications like windows 8/10 applications. It requires the .Net framework to function.

Detecting errors in C sharp is a no-sweat task as it is statically typed language, meaning the code is validated before converting it to the application.

It is a compelling, extensible language that provides you an extensive programming framework that applies to Java, Objective-C, PHP, and more.

Reasons to Choose C#

  1. C# is a perfect Object-Oriented Platform.
  2. It is one of the modern programming languages for OOP paradigm.
  3. It has features like Interoperability, scalability, and Fast speed.

4. C/C++

On number 4, we have C/C++. The most evergreen language ever, there is absolutely no programmer who doesn’t know about this language. Did you know the OS of Linux was based on C? C++ is a programming language, having object oriented features.

It is also referred to as a middle-level programming language. C is the parent language to a lot of other languages, some are either acquired from. C is inspired by its syntax. Constructs and paradigms, for example, Java and C sharp. Even now, whenever there is a need to build high-performance application, C remains to still be the most prevalent choice.

C++ is the object oriented programming language, built on C; and thus preferred over others for designing high level applications.

Reasons to Choose C/C++

  1. Having a great high performance, powerful options, and reliability makes C++ demandable language for every type of software development projects.
  2. C++ has a comprehensive features for game development that makes it worthy in the development community.
  3. It has powerful frameworks, libraries to complete any nature of task in terms of software.

3. Java

On number 3, we have Java. “Write once and run everywhere”, the platform-independent Java has been dominating the world of programming language for the past 20 years. Java is 99% of data oriented and is quite high powered since its objects holds no reference data external to themselves.

It is simpler than C++, because Java uses automatic memory allocation and guidance collection. It is called cross-platform because you can code on any device and compile it to low-level machine code and execute on any platform using in Java Virtual Machine, JVM.

Reasons to Choose Java

  1. Java is simple to learn. It was developed to be easy to use and is consequently simple to write, compile, debug, and learn than other programming languages.
  2. Java is an object-oriented platform. This feature of Java empowers you to create modular programs and reusable code.
  3. Java is platform-independent.

2. JavaScript

On number 2, we have JavaScript. Stack overflow’s cofounder once said: If any application can be written in JavaScript should be written in JavaScript. 10 years earlier JavaScript could be used for only client-side scripting, but after Node.js was introduced it became a Full Stack development language.

Node.js was used as a platform for backend development and JavaScript as the language. No matter what backend you are using, there’s always a requirement for a Frontend developer. Hence, JavaScript is a must known programming language to the developer.

Reasons to Choose JavaScript

  1. JavaScript is very fast because it operates instantly within the client’s browser.
  2. Its syntax is way easier as compared to other programming languages like C++.
  3. Whenever you want to go for client side scripting, you will see only one name, JavaScript.
  4. Interoperability makes JavaScript more popular than PHP and any other scripting language. Due to this feature, it can be inserted into any web page.
  5. Having a client-side nature, it decreases the demand on servers overall, and applications which are not sophisticated in nature, does not require server at all.
  6. Another great reason to choose JavaScript over other languages is its versatile feature. You can use JS with multiple libraries and frameworks.

1. Python

And on number 1, we have Python. The number one programming language of 2021 is Python and for many valid reasons. Since the boom in AI and data-driven industries, Python is a language that has all kinds of different mathematical, and algorithmic packages available.

Python has a ginormous community support and developers are mostly used for IoT and Cloud Applications. This language is compatible with IoT for several reasons, such as vast developer community, a large number of libraries, tools, and much more.

Reasons to Choose Python

  1. It has third party modules to give a new look to the web applications.
  2. Can be used for both Web and Desktop applications.
  3. Powerful and Rich libraries are helping Python
  4. With less code, you can perform sophisticated tasks with Python.
  5. Open Source with a Vibrant Community.


So this was our article about the Top 10 programming languages for 2021. You can pick one or two programming languages from the given list and concentrate on that. Even if you learn just one programming language apart from the one you use daily, you will be in good form for your professional growth. The most important thing right now is to make your aim and attempt your best to accomplish it in 2021.