Top 10 Google Tools For Doing SEO for Your Website in 2020

Doing everything perfect needs perfect tools, and when it comes to doing SEO for your website or your client’s website, then having the perfect tools make the process easier and reliable.  Do you actually know why people do SEO? To rank in search engines? Yes, it could be the answer, but half! Have you ever […]

Doing everything perfect needs perfect tools, and when it comes to doing SEO for your website or your client’s website, then having the perfect tools make the process easier and reliable. 

Top 10 Google Tools For Doing SEO for Your Website in 2020

Do you actually know why people do SEO? To rank in search engines? Yes, it could be the answer, but half! Have you ever heard that some clients come to you and say that bring my website on top in Bing or any other search engines except Google?

I can predict your answer that will lead me to “No”. But why? Why everyone wants to bring their website on top of Google for particular keywords?

The answer is simply that “Google has the enormous data of the users from worldwide.”

If we compare other search engines to Google, then no other search engine has that kind of giant user data that could challenge Google in terms of “More Information”.

If you are doing SEO, so, Google can understand your website more easily then the tools Google offers to you will be more authentic than other SEO tools. So, use the best google SEO tools.

The best Google SEO tools will give you more useful insights into what Google wants from your website because you want to rank your website in Google, not in other Search Engines. Right?

If you would succeed to understand Google, then, believe me, you have understood your potential customers. What else guys, you have achieved the ultimate goal of your company.

There are plenty of Google Tools for SEO in the market which is being used by millions of people to rank their websites in Google. These Google Tools for SEO have proved them in the market. You can trust them and the reason why you trust these best Google SEO tools is “These are the best Google Tools buddy.”

Let’s dive into our blog “Top 10 Google Tools for SEO”. Let’s see what google have for your website. 

1. Google Search Console or Webmaster 

Have You Submitted your Website To Google Search Console? “No?” Then submit it.

Google Search Console formerly known as Google Webmaster, is one of the biggest and powerful tools having several powerful features for doing SEO for your website.

Whenever you create your website, Google doesn’t 

Google Search Console is a free SEO tool used to index and crawl the websites and to track website errors like (errors 404, etc.). To crawl and index your website by Google, you submit the website here.

  1. It tells which pages are getting more traffic.
  2. It tells which country’s people are giving you more traffic on which pages.
  3. Which keywords or search queries your users use to find your website on Google.
  4. Gives you complete insights of the backlinks of your website.
  5. It tells you how many impressions and clicks you are getting over a specific period of time.
  6. And many more google search console features are waiting for your website.

2. Google Analytics

Here is another amazing and yet powerful SEO tool for your business website. Google Analytics is free SEO tool used to monitor your website data, such as how many users are there (real-time insights), what is the bounce rate of your website, from which part of internet your users come to your website like (means is your user coming from any social media platforms or coming from organic results.) if your user comes to homepages of your website, did he/she click on other pages or not (we call it sessions in the SEO world).

There are hundreds of benefits of using Google Analytics for doing SEO for your website. Even if you are not using Google Analytics, then you have done nothing as far as doing SEO for your website is concerned.

3. Google My Business

Consider this statistic, shared by Social Media Today: local searches lead 50% of mobile visitors to visit stores within one day.

Have you ever heard the term “restaurants near me”? And then google brings you some websites of local stores and businesses? Have you ever thought about how Google knows that this restaurant is near you? 

Well, here I would like to present another great Google SEO tool in front of you guys, it is Google My Business. This Google tool allows local business owners to list their website on google so local people could find your shop easily through Google.

Google My Business GMB is the biggest free business listing tool on the web, presenting your business website among more potential customers.

Your GMB listing provides potential buyers comfortable entrance to your hours of operation, phone number, website, and directions with a single click of— free of cost. Your free GMB profile also provides buyers an inside look at your business by giving insight into your busiest hours as well as review ratings.

Here’s an example of how your GMB listing will look like on the Internet:

“Note: Google My Business isn’t a tool for all business owners, but it’s one that local organizations can get the full benefit of.”

4. Google Mobile-Friendly Test

According to some studies, mobile devices bring almost 60% of searches out of 100.

A decade ago, no one would have thought that we will see this dramatic change in online consumer behavior. What can we do now? Nothing! But business owners must have look at these changes to retain their businesses for upcoming years.

If you are doing SEO, might be your website looks perfect on larger screens like desktop, laptop, etc. but what if your business website presents itself as a horrible thing then you might hurting yourself by yourself.

As per the guidelines of Mobilegeddon, which is the Google Mobile-Friendly Update that your website must be in good condition when it is seen in mobile, which means mobile-friendly websites will beat the game.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test is a free testing tool to check whether your website looks good on a mobile or not. The process of checking your website’s mobile friendlessness takes a couple of seconds.

If your website passes the test, then Cheers, if not, then make it mobile-friendly otherwise you can’t see any new heights of success in upcoming years.

5. Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights will allow you to check the speed of your website, mobile usability over multiple devices. 

Putting your website URL in this tool will give you amazing insights regarding speed, performance on many devices, tips to improve your website from many aspects, and a lot more.

6. Google Keyword Planner

Have you picked the wrong keywords for your website that leads you to nothing? Then why didn’t you use Google Keyword Planner for proper keyword Researching? Didn’t you hear about it that it is the best and free keyword research tool in the market?

Google Keyword Planner is a free tool that allows business owners to find amazing stats that will help them to conduct proper keyword strategy for their websites.

By entering a word or set of keywords in this tool gives you:

  • Related words to your seed word
  • Monthly search volume for your keyword
  • Competition (if you want to run an ad campaign for your website on particular keywords)

7. Search in your Google Chrome’s Incognito Mode

Open your incognito window and type any keyword, it gives you that searches that people are searching in Google. The incognito guarantees that any tailored search data Google stores when you’re signed in gets left out. If you are succeeded to respond to the user’s query then you are the winner.

8. Google Trends

To check the popularity of any particular keyword in a particular region, Google Trends will do this task for you. Marketers and SEO guys use Google Trends to pick more popular keywords that have a high tendency to be searched by your users.

Not every time this tool will help you to provide sufficient data for your query. But if we look at Google Trends from an SEO point of view, it’s worth to be used for doing keyword research for your titles or any social media posts.

You never know when this tool will work for you.

9. Google Business Review Link Generator

Generate a link for clients to analyze your business on Google. User reviews are very essential for local SEO purposes.

Google Business Review Link Generator enables you to generate a shareable link

for customers to review your business on Google.

10. Structured Data Testing Tool

The Structured Data Testing Tool (SDTT), which is a Google property, gives a kind of way to develop, test, and modify your structured markup. You can load markup into the tool either directly or by supplying a URL.


Whether you are doing SEO for a big corporation or working on a local company, using these tools will heavily impact your SEO and can create a better future. What’s in your mind about these Google tools for SEO? Have you used them ever for any SEO project? Share your experience as far as these tools are concerned. Thanks for reading our blog.