Top 10 Crypto Startups in 2021

The last few years have seen blockchain technology and crypto spread across various domains and industries. These days, many businesses, including Silicon Valley giants like Google and Facebook, are eager to incorporate crypto into their existing models. Cryptocurrencies have enabled businesses to revolutionize the way they currently carry transactions. Furthermore, it has also empowered entrepreneurs […]

Top 10 Crypto Startups in 2021

The last few years have seen blockchain technology and crypto spread across various domains and industries. These days, many businesses, including Silicon Valley giants like Google and Facebook, are eager to incorporate crypto into their existing models.

Cryptocurrencies have enabled businesses to revolutionize the way they currently carry transactions. Furthermore, it has also empowered entrepreneurs to take the lead. That will help them transform and manifest their robust and innovative ideas into startups in their respective domains.

In 2020, 20% of the IoT technology organizations started offering blockchain-powered services.

On October 11, 2021, NASDAQ published a report stating that Google has partnered with Bakkt, a crypto marketplace, and Bitcoin. On the other end, Facebook is backing Diem, a cryptocurrency project formerly known as Libra.

According to Statista, there are over 70 million crypto wallets registered worldwide. The good news is that this global blockchain/crypto market will continue to grow. Experts predict that the market size of crypto will reach $69.04 billion by 2027.

So, if you wonder which of the crypto startups in 2021 are worth looking into, this post is for you. You will learn about the best ten Crypto startups that are currently impacting in the blockchain universe.

10 Crypto Startups in 2021

Here are 10 of the best crypto startups you can look into, especially if you are a crypto trader or investor. Exploring what they do and learning about their services may give you an early bird advantage to get in and reap exponential benefits in years to come. So, without further ado, let us dive right in.

1. Ape Board

Ape Board is a brand new crypto startup founded in May 2021 with a regular search growth status. The forecasted 5-year search growth service is at 2325%. The company hails from Singapore and is currently on seed-based funding.

Although the exact total funding is undisclosed, some reports claim that the startup has garnered funding of $1.2 million. There is one main investor and five other investors backing up this crypto startup.

Ape Board aggregates all its users’ DeFi portfolios to display them collectively on a single dashboard. In addition, this crypto platform can also track its users’ DeFi portfolios on various blockchains simultaneously. Currently, you can follow your DeFi portfolios present on addresses across six blockchains.

2. Buenbit

Buenbit is a British crypto startup that has been offering services since 2019. This trading platform has its base in Kidlington, England. Buenbit is targeting mainly the Latin American market. The aim is to allow its users to trade in more than 20 cryptocurrencies globally.

The company has already raised $11 million in Series A funding. In addition, there are 13 investors supporting Buenbit in their journey.

3. Belfrics Group

Belfrics Group is a startup that appeared in the year 2014 and is still growing stronger every year. The crypto startup currently holds a regular search growth status. The company has its head office in Labuan, Malaysia.

However, it has since expanded its outreach from South-East Asia to the African region, Middle East and South America. Belfrics is a cryptocurrency exchange with an in-house and fully-developed platform. It is one of the most compliant digital platforms you will find in the cryptocurrency industry.

Belrium Blockchain is supporting Belfrics with its proprietary blockchain KYC technology and solution. Belfrics Group’s cryptocurrency platform uses blockchain technology to provide KYC verification to all its users.

The AML and KYC process offered by Belfrics exchange is one of the most accepted amongst regulators worldwide.

The current status of funding raised by Belfrics is undisclosed. However, they have shown exponential growth. There are currently ten operation Belfrics offices across eight countries. This cryptocurrency exchange offers personalized and localized support to its digital currency traders.

Belfrics also has an in-house Blockchain Academy. This Academy provides continuous trading training to developers, crypto-traders, and blockchain enthusiasts in over 20 countries.

CoinBurp is one of the most promising crypto startups in 2021 in the EU region. This company has its base in London, England, and opened its digital portal for business in 2018. CoinBurp currently holds a regular search growth status. Its 5-year search growth forecast is at 2700%, and the startup has so far received a whopping $2.5 million through seed funding.

There are currently seven investors backing CoinBurp. Reportedly the crypto-based platform has seven employees working for it. CoinBurp is a platform for digital asset trading. The users can create their crypto wallets and trade in several cryptocurrencies. The startup is also looking into launching its governance and utility token named $BURP.

5. Chainalysis

Another up-and-coming American crypto startup in 2021 hails from New York. The company appeared in the Blockchain domain in the year 2014. The current search growth status is regular, with a 5-year search growth forecast at 1087%.

In the Series E funding phase, Chainalysis has already accumulated an impressive $366.6 million funding. According to Crunchbase, the company currently has a backing of approximately 27 investors. Chainalysis promises to create a transparent platform for a worldwide economy. They have done so by building a digital economy on blockchain.

This enables governments, banks, and businesses to come to a common understanding of how people tend to use cryptocurrencies. In simpler words, Chainalysis plans to bring some accountability and law to the untamable beast of blockchain.

They have also developed a compliance, investigation, and risk management tool to help solve criminal cases in the crypto world. So far, Chainalysis has sold to numerous companies in more than 60 countries.

If you are a financial institution looking to explore the crypto world, Chainalysis is the crypto startup for you. Working with this company, you will be able to understand a lot about crypto. You will also be able to cope with crypto exposure, comply with all the regulatory guidance, and monitor your existing customer activities.

6. Fumbi

A Slovakian crypto-player makes this list because of its extremely promising 5-year search growth forecast at 1100%. Fumbi has its head office in Bratislava, Slovakia, with a regular search growth status.

This cryptocurrency trading platform replaces collection investment schemes. The users on Fumbi will be able to own their crypto coins directly. The startup in 2021 already has more than 40,000 registered users who can trade in 28 cryptocurrencies. So far, Fumbi has generated an “Early stage VC’ funding of $1.8 million since 2018.

7. Mintable

Another promising crypto startup in 2021 from Singapore, Mintable, has been around since 2018. This blockchain marketplace has a regular search growth status with a 5-year search growth forecast at 99X+.

So far, it has managed to earn the trust and confidence of 17 investors. It may pique your interest to know that Mintable has attracted the interest of several billionaire entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban. The total Series A funding amount for Mintable stands at an impressive $13 million.

Mintable is aiming to capitalize on NFTs. The platform wants to ride the NFT boom as it offers a marketplace for its user to mint, manage, buy and sell their NFTs. The company is also showing interest in the expansion of its network into other blockchains.

8. Pastel Network

Another New Yorker on the crypto block, Pastel Network, is a startup that began its journey in 2018. The digital platform has a regular search growth status. Pastel Network offers a decentralized peer-to-peer platform allowing its users to register, collect and trade their digital assets.

So far, Pastel Network has garnered a massive seed funding of $5 million. Promising news for new investors looking for an opportunity to enter cryptocurrency trading is that Pastel Network generated an estimated annual revenue of $1.3 million.

9. Sorare

If you are looking to invest in or trade on European crypto startups in 2021, Sorare is for you. This startup hails from Saint Mande, France. It is a one-of-its-kind fantasy soccer blockchain-powered platform that has been around since 2018.

It currently has a regular search growth status with a forecast of 5-year growth of more than 99x. You can gauge the success of Sorare by the Series B funding it received. So far, this startup has already stacked up a budget of $739.4 million. There are currently 33 investors backing this crypto-based soccer gaming platform.

As a user, you can play fantasy soccer on Sorare by using its gaming arena. Furthermore, this platform is also serving as a marketplace for its users to trade digital player cards. You can buy, sell, and trade your limited editions of players’ digital cards. Sorare has an official license and authorization to issue digital player cards of 142 soccer clubs.

10. Zerion

This one is an all-American crypto startup that hails from San Francisco, California. The company appeared on the blockchain landscape back in 2016 with a regular search growth status. The currently 5-yeara search growth forecast for Zerion is an estimated 1475%.

During series A of its funding, Zerion has already generated a massive amount of $10.2 million in funding. This crypto startup in 2021 has already got the backing of 23 investors and reported three employees running the entire show.

In its five years of tenure, Zerion has already built an impressive digital marketplace. This platform offers investors opportunities to invest in multiple DeFi options and projects. Zerion also provides convenience to its users by allowing them to receive data on their DeFi projects. Users can also track their portfolios, trading them right under a single umbrella.

The Zerion marketplace currently supports more than 60 DeFi projects. It also has more than 200,000 active users per month.

Bottom Line

Whether you are a trader or an investor looking for promisingly crypto startups in 2021, the above-mentioned platforms are an excellent place to start. The options are endless, from trading platforms to regulatory solutions and crypto-based gaming arenas. So, pick one that piques your interest.