How Covid-19 is Impacting eCommerce Business?

So, in this blog, we are going to talk about this pandemic situation on eCommerce platforms that How Covid-19 Is Impacting e-commerce Business? The deadliest episodes of coronavirus is affecting each and every person, individuals, groups, industries, online stores, and a lot more. I want to start off with this blog saying that I am […]

So, in this blog, we are going to talk about this pandemic situation on eCommerce platforms that How Covid-19 Is Impacting e-commerce Business? The deadliest episodes of coronavirus is affecting each and every person, individuals, groups, industries, online stores, and a lot more.

How Covid-19 is Impacting eCommerce Business?
How Covid-19 is Impacting eCommerce Business? Courtesty By disruptiveadvertising

I want to start off with this blog saying that I am NOT a health expert I have a limited knowledge based on what I’m reading online from the news, however; I wanted to talk more about the coronavirus which is a kind of spreading across the globe and how it is affecting eCommerce stores?

Info About Coronavirus

The Coronavirus started in Wuhan China in December 2019 and it has now been reported in almost every country across the globe. According to Google and other online resources, there’s been over 3.51M confirmed cases, 1.13M people are recovered from this deadliest virus and sadly over 247K people have died from it.


Ecommerce which can be defined as the online trading of goods and services–Having severe economic downturns and declines; Covid-19 is hitting businesses too dramatically. As physical stores are closed, so people and their families are shifting towards online shopping.

 If we look at stats, this pandemic has spread chaos situations, a massive loss in most of the businesses such as airlines, tourism and more, but there is another part of the coin, which is not negative, now eCommerce websites can get new insights that how customers shop online because a report from mobile application tracking company states that the average daily downloads are dramatically increased since February.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Digital E-commerce

The doors of shops and markets have been closed for people and now people are looking for online shopping to fulfill their daily consumption and other needs. Ecommerce websites have shown a 200% rise element in their sales between the periods of Mid-March.  

Online Giants like Amazon are planning to increase their staff in their U.S based operations to deal with increased online demands of consumers.

Effect on Consumers Online Shopping Behavior

Every day, the pandemic situation is being changed and the same implies to consumers all over the globe. Shops, gyms, local stores, restaurants, other things are shuttered down. The wave of Work from home concept has been spread all over the world.

Isolating yourselves from society is so immense that overnight changes are being seen to their shopping behaviors.

The Covid-19 Impact on the Smartphone Delivery

But not all online stores are gaining rise in their sales, during this quarantine days, having problem of logistics, the online mobile industry is damaged by the Covid-19 and almost 15%-25% sales have been declined in the first quarter of 2020 of China. And as far as the global market of online mobile is concerned, a 5% major drop is expected.

Even Covid-19 bother Apple Company and now Spokesperson from Apple Company has said that they will not meet the Quarter 1 Objectives of this year.

 Covid-19 Is Forcing to?

As all are going through this century’s biggest disaster (in my opinion) where all businesses, online shops are being cursed. Covid-19 is forcing innovators and geniuses to bring new groundbreaking ideas and solutions that should have the power and ability to resist against the coronavirus and Resurrect businesses to their old positions.

Now many companies are coming up with innovative ideas like robots, automation tools and drones to deliver products to your doors. And Chinese companies have successfully done these experiments with productive outcomes.

We have to admit that the century is going through the toughest situations. But someone has to come as frontman to address this pandemic situation and to lead the solution.

How Web and Mobile App Development companies Can Helpful in this Pandemic Situation?

As far as minimizing the physical contact is concerned, I think Web and Mobile App Development companies should have played an important role to prevent eCommerce loss as much as possible.

As we have seen that, people are now looking for online shopping but there is a twist that many people especially from Asian countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, etc. don’t have sufficient knowledge of how to use Ecommerce websites for online shopping in this Pandemic episodes.

A Golden Opportunity for …

Now many small business owners whose business is local, and they don’t have any websites, due to pandemic situations, are also looking for websites or e-facility to satisfy their local customer’s needs.

This a great opportunity for website designers and developers; they can give the best website design and development services for those small business owners or local shop owners. You can contact us on the matter of the website. We will give you a perfect solution in a short period of time.

 A Positive Rise in Virus Protection Products

Both Governmental and Medical authorities are forcing people to sustain enough hygiene and not to touch their faces, eyes for no reason, people are following. That is the reason why virus protection products’ sales are being arisen day by day.

On the other hand, offline vendors are facing huge trouble and obstacles to fulfil the mass consumers’ needs within the time limit, the aged persons prefer online products instead of offline stores; assisting eCommerce portals to get a surge in revenue.    

According to Giant Company Adobe, the online purchasing of virus protection products have been increased by 800%.

Is the eCommerce Industry Going to Experiment Post Covid-19?

There is no denying the fact that this pandemic situation of coronavirus will leave a huge void for industries, brand owners. So, when this crisis will be overcome, are eCommerce Development Solutions providers still going to experiment at the same level?

The chances for this are very bright. Customers will see a quality content in terms of goods, services, and other services, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will be tested at their best by vendors or marketers. Due to this pandemic situation, the world can see a more bright future of online shopping and eCommerce websites by innovators to keep their business alive in every situation.

 What will happen after this Pandemic?

Undoubtedly, the Covid-19 crisis has left a massive shock wave in the world in terms of economy, and also it will affect millions of families. In the present situation, it is very critical for businesses, whether online or offline, to ensure that their associates are secure and sound.

If we consider the episodes of Covid-19 from a long-term perspective, the coronavirus has changed the business methods and how these businesses are going to be conducted in upcoming years.

In the end, eCommerce agencies and WordPress development services providers that will select to capitalize based on these core changes will see a rise; but the ones that will not go with the wind will be hit.