Google and YouTube Ban Climate Denial Ads

[ohio_text text_typo=”null”]Google’s new climate change denialism policy sparks controversy!

Google is making a major change to its advertising policy. The search engine giant will no longer allow ads for content promoting climate change denialism.

In October, Google announced, that its climate change policy would no longer monetize any such content that goes against well-established scientific consensus related to climate change. That includes subjects such as global warming and greenhouse emissions.[/ohio_text]

[ohio_text text_typo=”null”]With an updated policy on ads and monetization, Google prepares to identify questionable content and remove it from its system. The company’s team and spam-fighting algorithms will work together for the removal of false facts and claims.

The Google Ads team revealed that the platform will not monetize any publications that label climate change as a scam or a hoax. For example, any piece of content denying that greenhouse gas emissions are responsible for climate change. The team will check the context in which publishers and content creators make these claims.[/ohio_text]

[ohio_text text_typo=”null”]However, Google will monetize other climate-related topics, including new research on climate change.[/ohio_text][ohio_button layout=”fill” shape_position=”left” link=”|title:Read%20Also%3A%20China%20Imposes%20Strict%20Limits%20On%20Online%20Gaming%20For%20Children|target:%20_blank|” title_typo=”null” title_typo_hover=”null” color=”brand”]
[ohio_text text_typo=”null”]Google and YouTube’s new climate change policy is a step in the right direction. But, social networks need to do more in the future.

For years, misinformation about climate change on these platforms misled thousands of people. It’s time Google addressed this issue and took strict measures. Steps like these will help Google and YouTube prevent the publication and monetization of misleading content.

Let’s put an end to all the fake news and claims. Climate change is real, and the gravity of the issue is finally sinking in. Social media is waking up to address this need. But we hope to see more policies to prevent the production and publishing of misleading content revolving around global warming and climate change.[/ohio_text]