Top 10 eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

Successful eCommerce conversion rate optimization is the key to a successful online business. For your e-commerce site to be successful, it needs to convert visitors into customers. For that, you need a website that provides an intuitive interface and satisfies customer requirements.

One of the most common issues with e-commerce websites is their conversion rate. This guide will provide the best eCommerce conversion rate optimization tips for your eCommerce site.

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[ohio_text text_typo=”null”]Here is how you can increase your average eCommerce conversion rate:[/ohio_text]
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[ohio_text text_typo=”null”]Researching your audience is the most crucial step in understanding what visitors want from your e-commerce site. It will help you understand their issues or difficulties for solving them, efficiently. It will also help you to make your eCommerce conversion rate optimization much better.

The best way to do this is by using survey tools. For example, Survey Monkey will allow you to collect information about your customers from the market where they shop frequently. It will give you information about how they shop online, their issues, and problems with your site. That way, you can find ways to modify the website to suit their needs better.

So, you can figure out what works and what doesn’t, pages which convert, and pages which don’t. This customer feedback will help improve your current and future product offerings.[/ohio_text][ohio_heading subtitle_type_layout=”bottom_subtitle” module_type_layout=”on_left” heading_type=”h2″ title=”Mi4lMjBJbnR1aXRpdmUlMjBOYXZpZ2F0aW9u” title_typo=”{“font_size“:“26“,“line_height“:““,“letter_spacing“:““,“color“:““,“weight“:“inherit“,“style“:“inherit“,“use_custom_font“:false}” subtitle_typo=”{“font_size“:““,“line_height“:““,“letter_spacing“:““,“color“:““,“weight“:“inherit“,“style“:“inherit“,“use_custom_font“:false}”][ohio_text text_typo=”null”]Easy and intuitive navigation is a crucial part of an eCommerce website design. It affects sales and customer loyalty. That because visitors can find their desired products, without much effort.

Easy navigation is also another reason why it’s important to research your eCommerce website target audience. This helps you understand the buying patterns of your customers and identify the areas you need to work on. For example, key features, benefits, pricing, and product information.

You can achieve this through effective internal links in combination with the design of your site.

One way to identify these areas is to inspect the paths your visitors are taking to alter them, if required.

Tools like Hotjar can help track visitor behavior on your website for communicating their actions. The behavior analytics software provides real-time data about what your website visitors’ activity. Such tools are invaluable for tweaking your site’s navigation.[/ohio_text][ohio_heading subtitle_type_layout=”bottom_subtitle” module_type_layout=”on_left” heading_type=”h2″ title=”My4lMjBXcml0ZSUyMGZvciUyMEh1bWFucyUyQyUyMG5vdCUyMFNlYXJjaCUyMEVuZ2luZXM=” title_typo=”{“font_size“:“26“,“line_height“:““,“letter_spacing“:““,“color“:““,“weight“:“inherit“,“style“:“inherit“,“use_custom_font“:false}” subtitle_typo=”{“font_size“:““,“line_height“:““,“letter_spacing“:““,“color“:““,“weight“:“inherit“,“style“:“inherit“,“use_custom_font“:false}”][ohio_text text_typo=”null”]Many e-commerce websites overlook this crucial factor. That’s because marketers and content creators want to rank their website higher. They work on creating content for search engine bots rather than focusing on the language and usability of their web pages.

One of the main reasons is that they do not want to attract spamming from search engines. They believe if they use specific code words in their site pages, it will give them a blocked status for search engines.

However, this is not true. It’s actually a good thing to have specific code words within your site pages, especially if they relate to that page’s content. It will also make your site more appealing to users who would otherwise be confused by seemingly random text on a page. Who knows what your site is about if the content is in code?

However, it is essential to remember that you should be writing for humans, not robots/search engines. So, make sure your copy is easy to read and understand – it doesn’t matter if there are some specific keywords in there as long as you don’t go overboard with it.[/ohio_text][ohio_heading subtitle_type_layout=”bottom_subtitle” module_type_layout=”on_left” heading_type=”h2″ title=”NC4lMjBJbWFnZXMlMjBhcmUlMjBDcml0aWNhbCUyMGZvciUyMGVDb21tZXJjZSUyMENvbnZlcnNpb24lMjBSYXRlcw==” title_typo=”{“font_size“:“26“,“line_height“:““,“letter_spacing“:““,“color“:““,“weight“:“inherit“,“style“:“inherit“,“use_custom_font“:false}” subtitle_typo=”{“font_size“:““,“line_height“:““,“letter_spacing“:““,“color“:““,“weight“:“inherit“,“style“:“inherit“,“use_custom_font“:false}”][ohio_text text_typo=”null”]A quick, easy way to boost your eCommerce conversion rates is to use high-quality images and video on product pages. Your customers can’t touch or try on the products on the website. Instead, they take help from photos and video tutorials.

We suggest you post as many pictures and videos as possible on the product pages. That way your visitors will know what they are buying and how they will use it.[/ohio_text][ohio_heading subtitle_type_layout=”bottom_subtitle” module_type_layout=”on_left” heading_type=”h2″ title=”NS4lMjBPZmZlciUyMEZyZWUlMjBTaGlwcGluZyUyMA==” title_typo=”{“font_size“:“26“,“line_height“:““,“letter_spacing“:““,“color“:““,“weight“:“inherit“,“style“:“inherit“,“use_custom_font“:false}” subtitle_typo=”{“font_size“:““,“line_height“:““,“letter_spacing“:““,“color“:““,“weight“:“inherit“,“style“:“inherit“,“use_custom_font“:false}”][ohio_text text_typo=”null”]In today’s competitive market where, online shoppers are always looking for discounted or free shipping. Increasing conversion rates becomes easier if you add free shipping. You can increase the product price of your most popular products so you can still save profits.[/ohio_text][ohio_heading subtitle_type_layout=”bottom_subtitle” module_type_layout=”on_left” heading_type=”h2″ title=”Ni4lMjBPZmZlciUyMExpbWl0ZWQtdGltZSUyMENvdXBvbiUyMENvZGVzJTIw” title_typo=”{“font_size“:“26“,“line_height“:““,“letter_spacing“:““,“color“:““,“weight“:“inherit“,“style“:“inherit“,“use_custom_font“:false}” subtitle_typo=”{“font_size“:““,“line_height“:““,“letter_spacing“:““,“color“:““,“weight“:“inherit“,“style“:“inherit“,“use_custom_font“:false}”][ohio_text text_typo=”null”]Give your customers limited-time coupon codes they can use to get a specific discount or percentage off their purchase! This will make them feel like time is running out. Hence, they would make more purchases, before the offer expires.[/ohio_text][ohio_heading subtitle_type_layout=”bottom_subtitle” module_type_layout=”on_left” heading_type=”h2″ title=”Ny4lMjBSdW4lMjBhJTIwRmFjZWJvb2slMjBBZCUyMGNhbXBhaWduJTIwZm9yJTIwYSUyMFNwZWNpZmljJTIwUHJvZHVjdA==” title_typo=”{“font_size“:“26“,“line_height“:““,“letter_spacing“:““,“color“:““,“weight“:“inherit“,“style“:“inherit“,“use_custom_font“:false}” subtitle_typo=”{“font_size“:““,“line_height“:““,“letter_spacing“:““,“color“:““,“weight“:“inherit“,“style“:“inherit“,“use_custom_font“:false}”][ohio_text text_typo=”null”]You can increase your e-commerce profits by running an ad on Facebook that will promote a specific product. Identify the products or services that appeal to your Facebook audience and promote it on the platform, for more conversions.[/ohio_text][ohio_heading subtitle_type_layout=”bottom_subtitle” module_type_layout=”on_left” heading_type=”h2″ title=”OC4lMjBTaG93Y2FzZSUyMEN1c3RvbWVyJTIwUmV2aWV3cyUyMGFib3V0JTIweW91ciUyMGVDb21tZXJjZSUyMFByb2R1Y3Rz” title_typo=”{“font_size“:“26“,“line_height“:““,“letter_spacing“:““,“color“:““,“weight“:“inherit“,“style“:“inherit“,“use_custom_font“:false}” subtitle_typo=”{“font_size“:““,“line_height“:““,“letter_spacing“:““,“color“:““,“weight“:“inherit“,“style“:“inherit“,“use_custom_font“:false}”][ohio_text text_typo=”null”]If your customers usually leave positive feedback after exploring your eCommerce site, you need to show it off! This is a golden opportunity to increase your eCommerce conversion rate optimization here. Remember to place testimonials in places where they are easily visible to potential visitors. For example, your product pages and homepage.[/ohio_text][ohio_heading subtitle_type_layout=”bottom_subtitle” module_type_layout=”on_left” heading_type=”h2″ title=”OS4lMjBNb3JlJTIwQ2FsbC10by1BY3Rpb24lMjBCdXR0b25z” title_typo=”{“font_size“:“26“,“line_height“:““,“letter_spacing“:““,“color“:““,“weight“:“inherit“,“style“:“inherit“,“use_custom_font“:false}” subtitle_typo=”{“font_size“:““,“line_height“:““,“letter_spacing“:““,“color“:““,“weight“:“inherit“,“style“:“inherit“,“use_custom_font“:false}”][ohio_text text_typo=”null”]The crux of this tip goes back to intuitive navigation. Does intuitive navigation offer any benefits if it doesn’t convert visitors? Start by picking one of your top-selling products and adding a few different call-to-action buttons on the product page. This will require some A/B testing. However, this is the best way to decide which CTA will give you the highest conversion rates. The goal is not to increase conversions for a specific product or service but for all products on a store.[/ohio_text][ohio_heading subtitle_type_layout=”bottom_subtitle” module_type_layout=”on_left” heading_type=”h2″ title=”MTAuJTIwRWFzeSUyMFJlZ2lzdHJhdGlvbiUyMGFuZCUyMENoZWNrb3V0JTIwUHJvY2Vzcw==” title_typo=”{“font_size“:“26“,“line_height“:““,“letter_spacing“:““,“color“:““,“weight“:“inherit“,“style“:“inherit“,“use_custom_font“:false}” subtitle_typo=”{“font_size“:““,“line_height“:““,“letter_spacing“:““,“color“:““,“weight“:“inherit“,“style“:“inherit“,“use_custom_font“:false}”][ohio_text text_typo=”null”]A complicated and time-consuming registration process can turn off visitors. Visitors shy off from register or buying products when they have to spend long time to register to your website.

Make it easy for your first-time visitors to log into your eCommerce website to make instant purchases. You can do this by allowing your customers to create an account with their Gmail address or social media ID. Use a simple and easy checkout process; an example of this would be the one used by Amazon, which is:

  • Account creation during the checkout process. This reduces shopping cart abandonment, as customers don’t have to register before checking out.
  • Required fields that require the customer’s name, address, and other relevant information.
  • Well-defined payment process with an option to pay via credit card or PayPal. Transaction details such as order date and the amount must be visible during the entire checkout process so customers can refer to it and proceed smoothly. This is very important as it determines whether a customer makes a purchase or not.


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[ohio_text text_typo=”null”]This blog post covered 10 proven eCommerce conversion rate optimization tips that will boost your sales. Here’s a little recap.

  • Identify and research your audience
  • Start by researching the type of content and products your audience likes for creating a compelling offer.
  • Make the website easy to navigate. Ensure that your eCommerce website loads quickly on all devices. Check your image quality and verify if they load easily and quickly on mobile devices.
  • Add videos and images on your website. The more information you provide about the products, the better conversion rates you will enjoy.
  • Offer free shipping or discounted offers to promote specific products.
  • Run ad campaigns on Facebook to promote certain products.

So, there you have it! These easy-to-follow tips will help you optimize your eCommerce conversions. While it can take some time to see significant results from these changes, if you apply them consistently, you will start reaping their benefits.[/ohio_text]

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[ohio_text text_typo=”null”]If you want to make your eCommerce store a success story, partner up with experts who can bring value to your eCommerce website. Intelvue is committed to making your life easier. If you want to receive more eCommerce conversion rate optimization tips, contact us today. We will be happy to offer the best eCommerce solutions, at unbelievably affordable rates, so you can scale your eCommerce business.[/ohio_text]