10 Promising Reasons Why You Should Consider Chatbots [2020]

Recent chatbot stats by Backlinko showed that 15% of people have used a chatbot to communicate with a business. Now, this is something you don’t want to miss. Or you still want to miss this opportunity? Let me tell you 10 astonishing reasons you should use chatbots for your business. Let’s stick around to the […]

Recent chatbot stats by Backlinko showed that 15% of people have used a chatbot to communicate with a business. Now, this is something you don’t want to miss. Or you still want to miss this opportunity? Let me tell you 10 astonishing reasons you should use chatbots for your business. Let’s stick around to the blog to find why you should use a chatbot for your business.

10 Astonishing Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Chatbot

  1.  Chatbots save time and reduce customer service cost
  2.  Chatbots increase your business sales
  3.  It helps you to get more leads and conversions
  4.  Respond in seconds, not days
  5.  Your business is available 24/7 for your customers
  6. Send customized, user-friendly conversation with your users
  7. Growth of Messenger applications
  8. People love to talk with chatbots
  9. Use it to organize your team
  10. Stand out

1. Chatbots save time and reduce customer service cost

This is the main reason why chatbots are the future.

Chatbots can save a lot of time and money on customer service.

80% of customer service questions are standard questions, which can be easily answered by a chatbot.

The result? You can save 80% of your time and costs on customer service because now you only need people for specific and personalized questions.

Research by Business Insider has shown that using a chatbot for customer service can lead to 29% – 46% cost savings.

In a recent study, IBM even found that a chatbot reduced costs by 30%.

But how do you do that?

Very simple. Do chatbots have answers to standard questions, such as:

  • What are your opening times?
  • How can I make an appointment?
  • What is the price of your product?

We helped ISP Supplies by increasing their ROI by 20x

ISPSupplies is a leading provider of high-quality wired and wireless networking equipment and services including all aspects of network design and deployment, RF planning, and frequency coordination. They noticed that more and more people wanted information about their brand and products through Facebook Messenger.

So they decided to build a chatbot that did three things:

  1. Answer frequently asked questions
  2. Guide users through the ordering process
  3. Let users complete a purchase in the Messenger app.

The results? They are shocking and amazing.

  • A 20x increase in ROI in the first six months.
  • 10% sales increase in Messenger.

And now you may be thinking “Oh 10%? That is not very much ”. But with the number of users ISPSupplies has, this means a lot of money.

2. Chatbots increase your business sales

A chatbot can increase your business sales and conversions to the next level. A chatbot makes it easy to help you understand your audience. It allows you to classify the product interests, likes, and dislikes of consumers. It also improves lead engagement. A chatbot can manage surveys, ask questions, and quizzes whenever users talk to it.

ISP Supplies is an example, but there are many more tactics you can use to increase your sales.

Think of:

  • Give away campaigns via Facebook Messenger
  • Contests and quizzes
  • Sending abandoned cart messages through Messenger

How can we help you?

As we helped ISP Supplies to increase their ROI by 20x we can help you, too. Intelvue is a leading Chatbot Development Company in USA that helped small businesses, startups, and enterprises by integrating amazing chatbot development solutions. If you’d like to have a before purchase technical support or consultancy related chatbot development and integration feel free to contact us

3. It helps you to get more leads and conversions

Besides saving time and costs on customer service and increasing sales, we can also get more leads with a chatbot, too.
What is often used is to create a Facebook ad and combine it with a chatbot.
People who respond to the ad will automatically receive a message from the chatbot in Facebook Messenger and convert it into a lead.

How Nissan Israel Sold $ 380K with a Chatbot in Its First Month

Nissan Israel received hundreds of questions every month via Facebook Messenger. They had to manually reply to these messages, which resulted in a delayed response.

And to make matters worse, they didn’t qualify these leads because they didn’t have a system. In addition to obtaining more leads, you can also automatically qualify leads with a chatbot. And that’s exactly what Nissan decided to do.

Nissan Israel created a chatbot in which they asked the user 3 questions:

  1. Which of these models do you like?
  2. Are you already planning to use this model?
  3. What are your phone number and email address?

And the process was very simple:

  1. Ask questions to the user
  2. Determine if the user is ready to buy a car
  3. Ask for the telephone number and email address
  4. Send an email to the Nissan sales team and they will turn it into a customer

4. Respond in seconds, not days

Ever asked a question to a company and they don’t answer until days later?

Annoying, right?

You’re not the only one.

90% of consumers rate an immediate response as important or very important when they have a customer service question.

But what’s immediate? 10 minutes or less.

So consumers want an answer and they want it quickly. With chatbots you can respond directly to a question from the user. And it doesn’t matter whether you have to serve 10 users or 10,000 users.

Chatbots can handle it. And they can scale up and down easily.

5. Available 24/7 everywhere

Did you sleep well last night?

Yes, me too.

But do you sometimes think about customers who are awake when you sleep?

If they have a question, they cannot ask you. Because you are asleep.

This is even more relevant for companies operating in multiple markets with different time zones.

With a chatbot there is always someone who responds to your customers.

Available 24/7.

Then customers can talk to your business wherever they are, whenever they want.

In fact, research has shown that this is one of the main benefits of chatbots:

Potential Benefits of Chatbots statistics

6. Send customized, user-friendly conversation with your users

Imagine. It’s Friday, the sun is shining and the weather is lovely to meet up with your friends.

But then you get a notification on your phone where your friend is inviting you for some live events.

What are the odds that you would go to that place and enjoy the sun there with your friends?

A very big opportunity.

This is an example of real-time marketing. Real-time marketing is the sending of messages about current events and current events.

Chatbots are very good at this.

Giving exactly the right message, at the right time.

7. Growth of Messenger Apps

Messenger apps, such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, are getting more popular by the day.

They’ve grown so much that they’ve even surpassed social networking:

Messaging apps have surpassed social networks - why you should consider chatbots

So people are spending more and more time on messaging apps. How is that good for chatbots? Because chatbots integrate well with those platforms. You can easily create a chatbot in a messaging app, such as Facebook Messenger or Twitter. Your customers are already there, just send them a message.

8. People are open to chatbots

Many people do not care whether they are talking to a human or a chatbot.

As long as they get good help.

They only want one thing: an answer to their question.

A solution to their problem.

How do they get it?

Doesn’t matter, as long as it’s good and fast.

Research from Hubspot found that 40% of respondents said it doesn’t matter, as long as they get help quickly and easily:

people are open to chatbots - why you should consider chatbots

But there’s more:

  • 47% said they would buy products from a chatbot
  • And 37% said they would buy products from Facebook

With a chatbot you have a salesperson who is available 24/7 and ready to sell your products to potential customers.

9. Use it internally in your company

In addition to all the reasons to use chatbot aimed at customers, you can also use a chatbot internally within a company.

This is especially useful for larger companies with multiple departments.

Larger companies often have multiple software systems.

Another system for HR, another system for support, purchasing, marketing, etc.

Then you can use a chatbot that explains how to use all these different systems for new and existing employees.

You can also go a step further and completely replace certain systems.

Instead of the employees using the systems, they can tell the chatbot what to do. The chatbot then takes care of the rest.

Let’s take a look at how Facebook used an internal chatbot to address employee concerns.

How Facebook responded to employee concerns

In 2019, some Facebook employees were concerned about answering tough questions from friends and family.

What if someone accuses the social network of destroying democracy?

Or said Mark Zuckerberg collected their data at the expense of privacy?

To answer such difficult questions, Facebook has created its own internal chatbot: Liam.

For example, if someone asked how Facebook handled hate speech, the employee could say:

  • Facebook consults with experts
  • More moderators have been hired
  • It is working on AI to detect hate speech
  • Regulations are important to address the problem

Handy, right?

10. Stand out

And this is the last, but perhaps the most important reason.

How many companies are already using chatbots?

Think about it.

The truth is, not many businesses use chatbots yet.

And yes, there are many great predictions.

Gartner predicted that 85% of customer support interactions in 2020 will be performed by a chatbot.

And Business Insider predicted that 80% of businesses would have some sort of chatbot automation by 2020

But we are now in 2020 and I can tell you that not 80% of companies use a chatbot.

It is much less.

So there is an opportunity here.

While your competitor answers within a few days, you can respond within seconds.

When other companies are sleeping and don’t respond to customers, you can have a chatbot that is available 24/7.

When other companies spend thousands of dollars on customer service agents, you save costs and provide a better user experience.

You can distinguish yourself in the market with a chatbot.

Now it’s your turn.

Will you consider chatbots for your business?

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